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  • Tricredibles compete in a variety of triathlons from "Sprint" to "Ironman" distances, as well as marathons throughout the country.

  • Although Triathlon is usually an individual sport, it’s easier to train if you have friends to share it with. We compete as individuals at races, but many of us participate in the same events together.

If you live near Greenville (NC) and are interested in Triathlon, then you've come to the right place because it's definitely more enjoyable to train with a group than on your own.  If you haven't yet joined our newsgroup, itís a great way to learn about our interests and involvement.  Once you've joined the group you can introduce yourself to everyone with a simple e-mail to tricredibles@googlegroups.com and tell us a little about your own interests. 

Check our training schedule and just show up if you want to meet us.  Although we train often and hard, most of us don't take things so seriously that we can't enjoy ourselves.  We are associated with the University, hospital &/or med school, as well as other local industries.

We expect Tricredibles to be serious about training and participating in Triathlons & other endurance events, with a season of competition under their belts and plans to be active in the next year.  There are a lot of triathlons in the area that you could consider, just to see if Triathlon is your cup of tea.  You'll definitely need to get some time in the pool before your first open water swim. 

See the "Event Schedule" for events that will have you back home by mid-day (Washington, Goldsboro, etc). These events will get you going and will also let you decide how serious you are about getting into the sport....investing in a bike, time to train, wetsuit?, etc.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have problems getting into the newsgroup or want to ask about other issues. 

John Lennox
Tricredibles @ gmail.com