Training Workouts...for 2015 Season
Please meet with us this week. 

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Tuesday Bike Ride (after DST)  6:00 pm at Eastern Pines Church of Christ [MAP].  If you're on the newsgroup  you'll get plenty of info about what's going on each week.  There's also an ECVelo ride from Harris Teeter (Bells Fork) at 6:00....

Wednesday Run 5:00 pm. E.B. Aycock School or Elm St Park. Follow the newsgroup. E B Aycock Middle School on Red Banks Rd (3 and 5.3 mile loop). Occasional Option in Brook Valley.  Route Map.    You'll need to follow the newsgroup to see where folks are running.

12/17/2013 Xmas light run

Thursday 6:00 pm Winter Indoor Cycling Night Only 6 1/2 miles from Lowe's to Rebecca Philips & Amber Oakes Bonus Garage, at 1928 Pollard Rd Although a boring workout by yourself, indoor training as a group can be lots of fun!  These 1 hour training sessions are geared towards giving you a more efficient pedal stroke and a higher cadence. Spare stationary trainers are available or bring your own trainer and your bike. Short run afterwards. 

Thursday Group Ride 6:00 pm. ... Bicycle Post parking lot, downtown Greenville (by Chicos restaurant). 25 mile loop or 32 mile loop options, any speed can be accommodated. Start times shift to 5:30 and/or taper off completely in the fall.  Check for details at or just show up, ready to ride. 

Saturday Winter Group Ride 9:00 am Eastern Pines Church Distance can vary, but everyone starts together for a leisurely (no drop) initial pace and then can break off into rides of 20 - 45 miles. View the route map.  

Sunday morning 10 mile Run
7:00 am.   If you'd like to meet for this great run that meanders in and around the ECU campus, join us at Green Springs Park. You can run all or any part of the course in the link to Brook Valley below !  (until Fall/cooler weather).

Weekend Group Rides Usually there's a weekend ride from Eastern Pines Water Co or South Central High School.  Times and distance vary.  If you're on the newsgroup  you'll get plenty of info about what's going on each week. Maps... SouthCentral High ... Eastern Pines Church ... EPWCo24 ...Stokes to Chicod 54

ECU Swim Meet Schedule:  Great way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday morning.